Quartz stone slabs have emerged as one of the widely used countertop materials in modern-day households. Their elegance and unique texture make them the evergreen entity that is setting new trends in the market. The paradigm shift from granite to quartz also shows a promising future for quartz products. The market size of the quartz stone is increasing day by day, which signifies the growing demand for quartz stone slabs as well. For instance, in 2018, the market size of the quartz stone was $8.23 billion, which crossed the magical number of $10 billion in 2020. As we can see from the steeper growing curve, the number is expected to cross $22 billion by 2022.



Different colors of Quartz Stone Slabs


One of the most charming and distinct characteristics of the quartz stone is the variety of colors that it has to offer. Unlike natural stones, quartz provides numerous color options making it the most demanding stone on the planet. As the pigment is used in its manufacturing, countless color options are available in the market. For instance, you can find brown, white, grey, black, and many other colors. While the customers can choose any color of their choice and taste, picking up the black color has its own benefits.


Why do more people end up choosing black quartz stone slabs? Several factors are contributing to this phenomenon, and the following are the most predominant ones. Let’s take a look.


  1. Resistant Dirty

One of the massive benefits of using black quartz stone slabs is that it provides dirt resistance that makes your place look less messy. Despite the fact that lighter color looks cool, they tend to get dirty at a much faster pace. The stains present on the black quartz are not noticeable compared to the white slabs, making it resistant to dirt. Thus, in this case, black quartz stones will be suitably used in kitchens and bathrooms.


  1. Easy to Clean and Maintain

Even when too much dust gets accumulated on the black slabs, it is super easy to clean. Stains on the black slabs are easy to wash, which helps you make your kitchen and other facilities look cleaner. On the other hand, once the dust is accumulated on the lighter color, you may have a tough time cleaning it. Similarly, the scratches are not noticeable on the black color, making it one of the easier products to maintain compared to the lighter quartz slabs. Thus, those black quartz stone slabs are the best decoration for your kitchen.


  1. Elegant Appearance

Then comes the aesthetic look of the black quartz slab that is too elegant to ignore. Once you install these slabs in your kitchen or bathroom, their overall appearance would become much appealing. The classy look of black color coupled with a fine texture is promising to take your kitchen to a whole upper level of excellence.


  1. The most classic color scheme for your home

Black is one of the fewest colors, which fits in perfectly with most of the color schemes. With its distinctive advantages like simple, modern, and classic, a copious number of people are pursuing black quartz stones as their home decorations. On the other hand, with its stylish features, you would never disappoint as the elegance of this color will catch your eyes for a long.



Merits of Modern Stone Products


As we have introduced the plentiful goodness of black quartz stone slabs, we believe you are not hesitating to enter the market and own this business. Considering that, we would like to recommend a company named Modern stone, which has numerous types of black quartz stone slabs that can take the elegance in your house to a new level. Whether you wanna use it for flooring purposes, kitchen or bathroom countertop, we can help you figure out how. The following are some distinct advantages of our black quartz stones that you can’t miss:


  • Beautiful and Charming

The aesthetic beauty of the black quartz stone slabs is promising to multiply the value of your place. The modern-day household requires eye-catchy countertops, and we have everything it needs to make the houses beautiful, elegant, and charming.


  • Superior Texture

We introduce new and unique textures to the black quartz stone slabs that are promising to make your place look better. Based on the slab type, you can decorate your house with different textures, which are carefully mounted with huge attention to detail. Besides, we have various kinds of black slabs for your reference.



  • Sturdy and Durable

The hardness of these slabs makes them sturdy and durable for a long period. With a warranty of 15 years, we provide our customers the best value of money, in addition to the stain, heat, and corrosion-resistant material.


The Final Word


Being the trendsetter quartz manufacturer in the industry, having operations in more than 40 countries, we are providing a solution to the needs of global customers. As the core focus of our operation is on quality with rigorous efforts in the R&D, we provide highly efficient customer support as well. With the facility of custom OEM and highly personalized services, we have added new dimensions to the quartz manufacturing setups. We are sure to become your partner for quartz stone slabs and won’t make you disappointed!