It can be tricky when you have to decide on the slab design of your kitchen. Most of the people often found themselves stuck while deciding on the kitchen’s countertop. However, with the popularity of using quartz stone slabs, these quartz slabs are in high demand in the kitchen. This phenomenon significantly gives a positive signal to the businessman who wants to own this business. 


Why choose quartz stone slabs? 

It is acknowledged that there are multitudes of raw materials for kitchen designs, such as quartz stone for kitchen, marbles, woods, and so on. But why should we choose quartz stone slabs instead of others? Let’s take a look. 

  • Quartz stone slabs

If you choose the quartz stone slab for the kitchen, you will save the kitchen slabs from stains and scratches. The kitchen owner should keep in mind that a kitchen is a place that has to deal with many stains. With the characteristics of easy to clean, quartz gains copious appreciation. This is why they have chosen quartz as the material for slabs and countertops. 


Quartz stone slabs are durable and require low maintenance, making them in the leading position among all slab designs of your kitchen. Not only that, an essential benefit of quartz is that it has a wide range of colors to appease your eyes, such as dark and light colors. 


  • Wood

Though using wood as your kitchen countertop will look more elegant, it brings many problems to your home. It needs proper sealing, and if not sealed properly, it gives a porous surface. Furthermore, the water will damage the wood. A kitchen is a place where every other thing needs water. Woods are more prone to damage due to being softer than quartz stone slabs.


  • Marble

Though marble is in charming appearance and high-hardness as a kitchen countertop, it is acknowledged that it will drain a lot of money from your pocket. It needs high maintenance, and once you get it, there is a long list of your money draining on it. The stains can ruin the marble countertop just as quickly. Moreover, if there is a slight crack, the appearance of this slight crack will be easily damaged because marbles are naturally formed. Thus, they have a higher risk of damage than quartz stone slabs. 


Dark vs. light: Which is the best? 

It is wise for us to conclude that quartz stone slabs are the best choice among others. But we may feel lost in deciding the color of the quartz stone slabs. Here are some merits of the dark and light colors of quartz stone slabs for your reference. 


  • Light quartz stone slabs

Going with the trend is also a good choice. These days the Arctic white quartz is fashionable. Choosing a light countertop and quartz stone for the kitchen will make your room sleeker and sober. It is true that light is a melting color which is good in matching the whole style in our homes.    


Not only that, light shades give coolness to our eyes. If you are choosing white quartz stone slabs, then it will bring you a sense of satisfaction. If you are a fan of light colors, then you must go with the light kitchen slabs, such as light grey. 

  • Dark quartz stone slabs

The dark quartz stone slabs come along with their unique set of benefits. The top goodness is they are dirt resistant. Due to the dark color, the quartz stone slab is more difficult to see stains and scratches compared with light color. At the same time, with a few brunet furniture mutual collocation, it can give a sense of aesthetic feeling as well. Moreover, its non-porous nature eliminates the risk of bacteria and germs harboring the surface. Therefore, it is highly hygienic.  


The dark color can indeed hide the messes to some extent. No matter how dirty you make it in the kitchen, dark quartz stone slabs will make it look less dirty. Choosing dark quartz stone slabs is a good choice for people who are distressed about doing housework.



To conclude, whether to choose dark or light quartz stone slabs, you must take a look around the kitchen to see the colors of the walls and the curtains. It is always a wise decision to keep the color of the slabs and countertop in accordance with the color of walls and curtains. The quartz stone slabs will certainly give you the best experience with their durable, stain-resistant, and various colors.


Products recommendation


Quartz stone slab will enhance the overall look of your kitchen. However, taking professional help makes things easier. Modern Stone, a capable quartz manufacturer, can provide you some guidance. 

  • MA3324 

Modern Stone gives you the beautiful MA3324 Calacatta Noir for your kitchen countertops. The elegant light grey color can integrate various styles for your kitchen to reveal an amazing sense of nobility. The light grey and white texture in harmony will appease the eyes of everyone. This beautiful high gray design will undoubtedly enhance your kitchen’s look to some extent.


  • MM4201

MR4201 Brilliant has a very unique and light color for your eyes. Of course, it is more suitable for your kitchen with a modern and luxurious background: the gray and slightly blue color give you the most advanced experience. The shade of grey and blue mixed together gives a gorgeous and elegant look. The ripples add more beauty to the material, and having them in your kitchen will be a plus point. With these light grey quartz stone slabs decoration, you must get an advanced experience with an exquisite life. 


  • MM2346

MM2346 Qinhuai Impression is a dark grey quartz stone slab, which gives a very sleek and modern look to the kitchen with its aesthetic grey color. It is the best choice for people who want a modern style kitchen. The combination of mysterious gray and black will provide you a sense of elegance. In addition, we can get the feeling of modern with metal elements or personality background painting collocation. 


You must have a transparent understanding of slabs and whether to choose dark or light quartz stone slabs. Thus you will have an easier time figuring out exactly which quartz stone manufacturer you will choose.


Modern Stone has a wide range of quartz slabs for customers, which can add beauty to your home. If you choose us as the company for buying quartz, you will open yourself to a wide range of unique designs. Contact us to get the information about the latest quartz stone slab in town.