It is acknowledged that the bathroom countertop is an essential element in any bathroom. A marvelous and elegant bathroom countertop gives us sense of satisfaction. There are disparate kinds of materials used to make bathroom countertops, such as marble, artificial stone, glass, ceramics, etc. Some are at a high price but durable and scratch-resistant; some can provide lower prices but are hard to clean; some are rich in color and have an excellent decorative effect but are easy to scratch. 


Each material has its own virtues and demerits. But we are determined to admit that quartz stone slab is the best material for you to make quartz bathroom countertops. In this article, we will illustrate five reasons you choose quartz stone slabs as your bathroom countertops. 

Reasons for Choosing Quartz Stone Slab for Bathroom Countertops


The quartz stone slab is a kind of new stone composed of more than 90% quartz crystal plus resin and other trace elements of artificial synthesis. It is made through a particular machine in specific physical, chemical conditions and then pressing into the plate in a large size. Its primary material is quartz. 


  1. Difficult to scrape

The quartz stone slab contains up to 94% quartz, the second hardness in natural mineral only to diamond. The hardness of its surface can be as high as 7.5 Mohs, much bigger than tools used in the bathroom, and difficult to scratch. (Mohs is a hardness table created by Frederich Mohs. It is an universally recognized hardness test method. Ten is the highest hardness. Diamonds are rated ten.)


  1. Impervious to stains

The quartz stone slab is a compact porous composite material that is made under vacuum conditions. The liquid material such as shampoo, shower gel, acid, alkali wait that we use every day in the bathroom won’t permeate its interior. To clean the liquid on the surface of quartz bathroom countertops, we only need to use clear water to wipe with a dishcloth. If necessary, we can use a blade to scrape the detention of the liquid on the surface. Besides, the quartz stone slab is hard for bacteria and viruses to grow. The material is quite important in the wet environment of the bathroom. 


  1. Easy to maintain 

The quartz stone slab used in the bathroom is effortless maintenance with cost-efficient performance. The surface of quartz bathroom countertops is made after more than 30 complex polishing processes, which will not be liquid material penetration, discoloration, and other problems. It is straightforward to clean the countertop with water. Even after a long time of use, the quartz surface is as bright as the newly installed table, without maintenance.

  1. Difficult to burn

The melting point of natural quartz crystal, a typical refractory material, is up to 1,300 degrees above. The quartz stone slab is made of 94% natural quartz entirely flame and electric retardant. It will not cause combustion due to contact with high voltage. Therefore, we can safely boil water, take a shower, and perform other activities that require electricity in the bathroom. The quartz stone slab will give you comfort and peace.


  1. No toxic and radiation

The dense, porous material structure of the quartz stone slab gives bacteria and viruses nowhere to hide. The mined, used, and processed quartz stone has no adverse effects on the human body or the environment. So it brings no harm to the good which is directly touched to our body. Besides, it won’t fade color and luster due to oxidation, aging, corrosion, hot material contact in the bathroom’s long-term daily life use process. 




To use quartz stone slabs as the material of bathroom countertops significantly bring enormous benefits to our daily life. It can not only provide us a beautiful appearance of our bathroom but also give us the most cost-efficient experience.

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