Modern Stone brought its exclusive products to attend the 21st China Xiamen International stone fair from May 18 to 21, 2021. Our competitive and elegant products, diverse kinds of quartz stone slabs with disparate appearance, were shown at the fair. 

Xiamen Stone Fair stands a dominant position in the quartz stone slab market for several years. Driven by it, the prosperity of the Chinese stone market has constantly attracted more and more international stone merchants to buy and invest in China. A significant number of domestic quartz manufactures integrate resources and passionately participate in the stone market competition. Thus, under the assistance of the Xiamen Stone Fair, the Chinese stone market is moving toward the international stone market center.

Modern Stone Participation


On this super stage, we displayed our ideas for quartz stone slabs at this event, such as avant-garde series quartz, rustic series quartz, and so on. Moreover, we have just released our new products, which are designed in polish and new style. And nowadays, an increasing number of people use our quartz to make quartz stone tabletops and quartz stone worktops in their houses. 


On the one hand, our superior avant-garde series products with various designs and appearance were shown in the exhibition. Taking MA 3406 as an example, it has a unique artist flavor of natural texture. Inspired by the natural stone, it ideally deducts the quality of life aesthetics after bold subversion and innovation. It is effortless to find that the light gray coarse grain, which is perfectly combined with the whiteboard, is faint and transparent. The most exciting thing is that the golden line is the finishing touch, just like a painter’s wanton sketch on paper. How beautiful it is! 

On the other hand, the newly released series quartz stone slabs from Modern Stone received enormous good feedback at the exhibition. For example, MA 3329, a blue dream, is suitable for making quartz stone tabletops and quartz stone worktops. The exquisite and playful surface is created after the inspiration by the natural and pure blue dream. The surface texture has the characteristics of melting and diffusing. We can feel something romantic from the simple and light color to some extent. Besides, it can bring a transparent sense of sight in any space with a bright and open visual.

At the exhibition, we still showed other series products such as MA3409, MA 3346, MA 4206, and so on, giving our clients a fantastic quartz experience with the best service.

Superiority of Modern Stone 


Beautiful appearance

Our quartz stone slabs are designed in different colors, and you have the option to customize the room. Besides, they have natural luster, which makes them the best choice for our houses. By applying quartz stone slabs to kitchen or bathroom countertops, you can bring the same look as natural stone slabs.

Sturdy and durable 

The durability of the material is an essential consideration upon selecting a material for your house design. Quartz stone slabs are made from crushed quartz crystals, further bound together through an adhesive agent (polymer resin). Then it will further mix with color. Therefore, the resulting non-porous material is very durable. 

Easy to clean

Our quartz stone slab is a material that is very resistant to stains. Any type of stain can be easily removed by soap and water. Besides, the material requires less maintenance and care. It is quite resistant to water and stains because of the non-porosity of the material.

About Modern Stone

As a competent quartz manufacturer, We are dedicated to production, R&D, and providing progressive quartz stone slabs to clients. Through arduous work for several years, quartz stone slabs in our company, which combine the latest composition and traits, are well known worldwide.


From May 18 to 21, 2021, our quart stone slabs, shown in the exhibition, were favored and recognized by customers. We had a better view of clients’ needs through the exhibition, improved our brand awareness, and establish a long-term cooperative relationship with partners worldwide.


Now after conscientious analysis of our company, you are convinced that we are an accomplished quartz manufacturer. If you have a huge appetite for us, please attend the 22nd China Xiamen International Stone Fair next year from March 16 to 19. We will be ecstatic to give you a fertile experience.