Whether you are moving into a new space or upgrading the look and value of your current home, introducing a premium countertop or using a black quartz slab is an excellent way to increase your home’s value. With black quartz, you will get a bold statement that modernizes your kitchen well and allows you more flexibility to introduce fantastic color options for furniture, art, and cupboards.


In order to help you form an exhaustive understanding of black quartz slabs, this article will guide you to figure out why they have become increasingly popular and their features and benefits. Scroll down to get something more. 


Why Black Quartz Stone Slabs are so Popular

When you install new quartz countertop slabs into your kitchen, you are making a choice that reflects a certain sophistication to your style. There is a simple elegance about black as a foundational building block for the design that speaks a more refined taste that can feature other colors or modern materials without distracting the eye.


Besides the look, black quartz stone slabs are made from premium materials that are more cost-effective, durable, and easy to maintain than other natural rock options like granite. Thus, these black quartz slabs are becoming progressively popular worldwide. 


The Features of Black Quartz Slabs

Black quartz slabs are perfect decorations to suit your natural wood, white cabinets, or your stainless steel of premium home appliances. With this material becoming so popular, there are many new features to pay attention to when buying, like:


  1. 1. Different Styles

Every brand of black quartz slabs has a unique choice of styles. You can go with a smoother appearance, so it looks like a solid piece without interruption, or select a modern design that has curved veins and lead lines to mimic more natural stone. Thus, these black quartz slabs have various styles to satisfy your home requirements. 


  1. Various Designs

Black quartz slabs can be used in any space or room in your home or business. For example, you can find styles with specific designs to work as backsplashes in your custom shower or parallel designs that lend well to kitchen settings. Therefore, black quartz slabs with various designs will bring an incredible visual experience for you.

  1. 3. Various Patterns

The patterns available make or break the final decision when buying your new black quartz slab. The curve of different vein lines is often used in modern homes to simulate natural rock patterns, while you are more likely to find rustic patterns that are subtle gray and white speckles on solid black in kitchens. Thus, always ask the company you’re working with to see visual samples of an entire slab for your space so you can tell how the pattern plays out and if it repeats or has seams you’ll need to account for during installation.


The Benefits of Black Quartz Slabs

Quartz has become so popular in home improvements because it offers a stunning look with quality materials at an affordable price for the average consumer. Some other benefits include:


  1. 1. Solid

Quartz is one of the hardest materials found in nature and is taken through a process that improves upon this durability with polishing and other polymers. In this situation, a slab, which holds up exceptionally well, is created to suit most living situations. That is why you find black quartz slabs in many places because it is so durable.


  1. 2. Dirt Resistance

Black quartz slabs are non-porous and stain-resistant. You won’t find dirt sticking in-between the cracks like you would in other materials. However, if you use imperfect black quartz slabs, you will find your slabs will easy to become dirty by accidental spills with sticky juices from kiddos.


  1. 3. Ease of Cleaning

You can easily clean off the surface with nothing more than a wet cloth, a little water, and some rubbing alcohol. It also helps that the base color is so dark because you’ll be able to clean any dirt or residue left on the counter after preparing a meal or enjoying a relaxing drink.

Start Your Black Quartz Slab Journey with Modern Stone

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