A quality-made quartz countertop slab focuses on bringing a sense of beauty that will delight the user the whole day. The specific color scheme of each quartz countertop slab conforms to the theme of the atmosphere of the kitchen, bathroom, bar, and restaurant that will give people aesthetic perceptions. 


With the situation of quartz countertop slabs’ popularity, many wholesale brands are latching onto this trend by offering unique colors and designs that attract potential customers. We have put together a quick list of the more popular colors that match a lot of color pallets and desired aesthetics in this article. 


The Top 5 Acclaimed Quartz Countertop Slab Colors

The following are the most popular quartz countertop slabs that are favored by people worldwide:


  1. White Quartz with Blue Veins

The white quartz with blue veins has a more playful surface that combines incredible durability with an almost diffusing effect and romantic taste. You will get a more textured feel to this type of quartz that goes well with a wide range of cabinets, especially those in darker tones.


  1. Calacatta Gold

The breaking of gold veins through the white background sets off the slab for a high light interactive appearance. Calacatta gold quartz countertop slabs are popular choices for commercial industries and waiting rooms who like to add a little eloquence to their rooms.


  1. White Quartz with Black Veins

If you are looking for the more traditional quartz countertop slab, white quartz with black veins is your solution. You will get a ton of versatility for the rest of your kitchen or bathroom color features because the white and black vines complement almost anything. A rustic simplicity works both in rural and urban settings, making this an extremely popular choice for private residences and urban planning projects.

  1. White Quartz with Grey Veins

The subtle beauty of this white quartz with grey veins quartz countertop slab cannot be understated. Instead of having stark contrast between the base color of the slab and the veins, you get a more refined, humble appearance that allows you to use a wide range of complementary colors and textures throughout your room. It is also a comforting design that will ease guests’ strong feelings, making it perfect for many bars and restaurant locations.


  1. Black Quartz with White Veins

Black quartz with white veins is probably the most well-known option for your next quartz countertop slab. It is because black base color slabs are more dirty-resistant than other colors, making them popular. In addition, when this quartz countertop slab is used in harmony with something else in the environment, you will end up with a stunning final look that surprises everyone. Thus, many modern homes in urban environments are turning to black quartz with white veins as an option for their home or bar decoration.


Where to Buy the Best Quartz Countertop Slab? 

Since you have known the top 5 acclaimed quartz countertop slabs, the next step is to find a reliable supplier to purchase them. The good news is that if you feel overwhelmed by the variety of color options available for your quartz slabs wholesale, you can always speak with Modern Stone’s expert sales and support team for insight. 

Modern Stone, a capable quartz stone slab manufacturer, is constantly dedicated to providing the best products and services to customers around the globe. From now, we have worked with hundreds of private contractors, homeowners, and business operators from bars to resort restaurants. And you will never disappoint with our products which have numerous designs, colors, and features. 


Thus, be sure to check out our online portfolio of incredible quartz countertop slabs. There is plenty of information available to create a shortlist of the top colors you would like to consider.