Quartz countertop slabs are a type of specialized stone countertop made of 90% powdered quartz and a small fraction of resins, dyes, and polymers, giving them an appearance similar to rough granite. Quartz countertop slabs are strong and long-lasting, and because of the non-porous characteristics of quartz, they can withstand discoloration far better than granite, concrete, or marble. Moreover, its non-porous layer also protects against any bacteria. 


Quartz countertop slabs have a devoted following due to their many benefits, including their attractive appearance, durability, and the fact that they mask the flaws of natural stone. In addition, the wholesale market of quartz countertop slabs is flourishing in numerous countries, including North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, etc. Thus, let’s dive deeper to learn the pros and cons of owning quartz countertop slabs so that you can decide whether to buy them.


Pros of Quartz Countertop Slab

  1. Consistency in Appearance

Quartz countertop slabs have artificial surfaces which are made of quartz crystals mixed with other minerals and then bound with resin. For this reason, each piece of quartz has the same appearance. It means that when you buy quartz countertop slabs, you can be confident that these products will look the same as each other and show consistency in the overall style, which will not bring dissonance to the environment. 



     2.High Performance

When choosing quartz countertop slabs, you are getting yourself a strong, heat-resistant, and durable surface that will last for decades, which means scratches and chipping will not appear in quartz countertop slabs. Furthermore, because quartz countertops slabs are completely water-resistant, you won’t have to worry about water seeping in, which has to be one of the most compelling reasons to purchase a quartz countertop slab.

     3.Types of Finishes to Suit Various Places

Quartz countertop slabs come in various finishes that can collocate with any decoration, such as elegant, modern, bright, and so on. For example, a white quartz slab is especially famous for its beautiful looks and versatile applications suitable for halls, living rooms, and conferences. Meanwhile, you can choose a wide range of textures to fit the style of the room, such as the quartz with blue veins is an excellent decoration for receptions, which will show a dignified and chic style.


Cons of Quartz Countertop Slab

  1. Price

Quartz countertop slabs may cost more than other alternatives like granite and marbles. However, quartz is worth it due to its numerous benefits, including durability, non-porousness, and unique designs. In addition, quartz countertop slabs need less maintenance when compared with granite and marble, which will save you a lot in the future.


  1. Not Suitable in Outdoors

When quartz countertops are exposed to sunlight, the resin will melt, resulting in discoloration and damage, evidenced by yellow spots and cloudiness on the stone. Thus, quartz countertops slabs are more suitable for indoor uses.


  1. Not as Natural as Others

Quartz countertop slabs are man-made products, unlike natural stones such as marble and granite. However, they are designed in the same appearance and can be used in various situations to create a coordinated style that will add beauty to the whole environment. 


Quartz Countertops Slabs: Where to Buy

Quartz stone slabs have grown in popularity in recent years in various fields, including residential and commercial applications, as their pros exceed the cons. The global quartz slab wholesale market is being driven by rising demand for residential quartz stone slabs, accounting for nearly 60.90% of total quartz stone production. In short, we can say that quartz countertop slabs will never go out of style, making it a highly profitable business. 

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