Are you fed up with your dull old kitchen? Do you want to make a significant improvement to your artistic kitchen design? Nowadays, everyone wants their kitchens to have a more contemporary and timeless style. And the facts have shown that the wooden slabs are rapidly losing hype, and quartz slabs with elegant textures and patterns are taking the market by storm. 


In addition, the sleek and stylish design of quartz slabs is a true work of beauty that provides a modern and aesthetic look for kitchens. And the booming market of quartz slabs with artistic kitchen designs motivates more business people to own the market. 


But here is one question that arises in people’s minds: should we jump on the artistic kitchen design bandwagon and replace the old-fashioned wooden slabs with the modish quartz slab? Let’s dive in to figure it out. 


Disadvantages of Wooden Slabs 

Although wood has been the most used material for slabs in the kitchen for a long time, it has several drawbacks, which are listed below:


  • Low Resistance to Humidity 

Spills, standing liquids, and humidity can damage wood, so wooden slabs are not recommended for regions and places with a lot of dampness and humidity. As for the functionality of a wooden slab, any water contact must be avoided, which cannot be entirely possible, especially in kitchens. 


  • Easily Damaged and Tainted

Wooden slabs will develop scuffs, scratches, and other damage over time and with use which means that they need frequent refinishing that can be pretty heavy on the budget. Moreover, wood tends to lose its polish easily, which exposes the surface to stains. 


Why Should We Get Quartz Slabs For Kitchens?

Now that we have learned the disadvantages of wooden slabs, let’s learn why we should get quartz slabs for an artistic kitchen design. A quartz slab will make a kitchen warm and inviting, giving it a contemporary and sleek look. Besides that, here are some significant reasons why we should choose quartz slabs for kitchens.


  • Aesthetic Appeal

In 2022, who doesn’t want aesthetics? Quartz can do the job very well because it is clean, versatile, and beautiful. For instance, the attached picture showcases the harmony between white backgrounds and grey patterns in quartz countertop slabs used in kitchens to create a modern and stylish atmosphere. Those aesthetic qualities make it one of the most desired and wise choices for homeowners looking to take their dream artistic kitchen design to new heights. 



  • GoodQuality and Durability

Apart from the aesthetics, quartz slabs boast versatility and high performance. Because of the high amount of quartz mineral content combined with strong resins, quartz slab is the most durable surface for countertops. 


White quartz slabs in the following are a fine example. Available in an extensive range of alluring patterns, quartz slabs are nearly twice as robust as granite and retain the flexibility that allows them to deform and conform to the environment slowly. 


Thus, you will be able to relish the beautiful white quartz slabs for years without worrying about any scratches or cracks. After all, performance is the first thing that our artistic kitchen design must have.


  • Anti-Fouling

Quartz is nonporous and nonabsorbent. One of its most advantageous qualities is it does not house hazardous bacteria and microbes such as mold. It gives quartz a particularly hygienic characteristic, especially for an artistic kitchen design. In addition, compared with other countertop slabs, quartz countertop slabs are simple to care for throughout time. 


  • Environmental-Friendly

The natural quartz stone that makes up most of the material of these slabs comes straight from the earth, naturally making the slabs an eco-friendly choice for kitchens or other business places. Moreover, quartz slabs have a longer replacement life and are even recyclable compared to other surfaces, which will reduce the environmental effects to some extent. 


Quartz Patterns Give Design Flexibility 

Sporting a plethora of beautiful designs, patterns, and eye-catching hues, you will discover that quartz slabs are ideal for homeowners’ artistic kitchen design, no matter what style the kitchen is. As shown in the pictures above, these appealing slabs allow homeowners to play around with different looks for their sweet home and choose what works best in terms of style, texture, and performance. 


The Bottom Line

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