• The complex and exquisite patterns reflect the noble's luxury temperament and run through the whole space. Every detail is a symbol of taste.

  • The delicately carved Zhenpin presents an unparalleled visual feast, and the exquisite patterns outline a soft but dignified effect.

  • The texture presents the outstanding artistic flavor of the wind in the meticulous carving, and tries to create the space style with different styles, and deduces the original natural flavor incisively and vividly.

  • The brightest star in the night sky, the shining meteor; The fleeting, deep and silent passing; In the old and unshakable night sky, a ripple is spread, raising the palpitation of the heart and the infinite reverie of the starry sky.

  • With soft and elegant color as the main tone, exquisite patterns outline a unique sense of fashion, in the bright color, strive to show an extraordinary fashion space.

  • Graceful flying lines, such as the melody of life. Inherit the charm of nature and cherish the dream of harmony.

  • The fine white stone pattern is naturally distributed on the surface, large and small, and it floats at will, making the stone tile dynamic as a whole.

  • High gray tone, color and white texture match harmoniously, texture structure is very comfortable, simple and generous. The texture is vertical and horizontal, dense and orderly, the background color is soft and high-grade gray tone, and the crack of temperament is like a pride, revealing an amazing sense of nobility, and can also integrate various styles.