• If the kitchen or wall color choice is gloomy, indoor soft color is not easy. So, a white with black fine grain color is decided, is with all this good match. The white quartz stone table will ease the indoor depression with a little depressing visual sense, appropriate decoration, so that the interior more pleasant and light.

  • This color can always bring a quiet feeling, quiet even don't want to disturb, in this completely belongs to your kitchen space can enjoy to do delicious food.

  • Dark gray quartzite is suitable for modern simple space, but emphasizes the strong and avant-garde style. The combination of mysterious and cold "85 degree gray" and black gives people another kind of elegance; Add high brightness solid color, also have the feeling of harmony, with metal elements or personality background painting collocation, full of modern sense.

  • The simple simplicity represented by gray, coupled with gorgeous lighting, not only does not expel warmth, but also refracts and enlarges that wisp of warmth in the home repeatedly in the simple and high-grade color, creating a simple and fashionable home experience with warm feeling.

  • The delicate texture of this style brings a fresh visual impact in the square inch. The fresh and refined color makes the space exude a unique elegant connotation.

  • A kind of elegant and refined, engraved with the natural flexibility in the light and shadow of the extreme day, makes the space reveal the deep secrets of life, and awakens a higher realm of artistic life.

  • Color is like a person's attitude, a person's life habits. The high-grade gray in the home space creates a quiet living space, reshapes a more comfortable living environment and creates an nice visual effect

  • White can not only enhance the brightness of the space, but also bring a clean, fresh and burden free sense,it gives people a comfortable and refreshing  sense experience, and can also infect the surrounding  space by the power of color system, so as to maintain a  happy mood.

  • Small patterns of texture in the space wantonly, delicate to the bone, atmospheric and elegant space taste and personality in the invisible sublimation.