• This stone is gray and slightly blue. It uses the most advanced light gray to create the background color. The surface of the board forms ripples, one after another. It's like the beautiful ripples that gently stir the water surface with your fingers and then carve. It's real and rich in ornamental feeling.

  • The different space created by fashion elements, smooth touch, full of texture patterns, is shining with the coordination of space and the beauty of life, reflecting the subtle life mood in the light.

  • Noble and high-grade are the most suitable words to describe this quartz stone. This quartz stone integrates various styles, and the simple and light color line creates a romantic effect.

  • This is a distinctive and elegant antique product series, inspired by the long-standing glass culture. The circulation of life is permeated with elegance and light. It seems to condense the aura of emerald. Then, with the majestic mountain trend, it bursts out the texture of a perfect blend of nature and art. Its smooth flowing surface texture further emphasizes its appeal for modern and country style multi-purpose spaces.

  • In the pure art space, everything is endowed with the mysterious color of nature. This quartz product can create a state of selflessness.

  • This quartz stone has a durable color, not eye-catching but lasting luster is the most popular. High hardness, wear resistance, can be used as table and floor.

  • It is so soft, calm, in the high cold, more and more highlights the high-grade texture, uniform color, skin touch, feel slightly bright wear marks of the whirling feeling of the years, far away from the bustling city of restlessness, is the most intuitive embodiment of modern minimalism, quiet years, and comfortable.

  • Simple life needs refinement and art. The simple and fashionable space conveys an elegant artistic conception of life, which can make the space more harmonious and elegant.