Quartz stone slabs are becoming the trend of major materials to decorate living rooms, kitchens, storefronts, bars, restaurants, etc. And this trend is reflected in the market size of this material. In 2020, the overall market size of quartz stone was 7.36 billion USD and was expected to grow to around 17.8 billion USD by 2025. The reason for this popularity is that the quartz stone slabs are non-porous, mold, and bacteria resistant with less maintenance cost, making them much more appealing to the consumer.


10 Reasons to Choose Modern Stone’s Quartz Stone Slabs

Since we had introduced numerous articles about quartz stone slabs, such as reasons to choose themwhether to choose black or white slabs, and appreciation of white quartz stone slabs, etc. And in this article, we want to recommend a capable quartz stone slabs manufacturer to you. Modern Stone, an expert in producing quartz stone slabs, will be your trustworthy partner. The following are reasons to choose us from the perspective of the product and the company. 

        1. Suitable in Different Places

As an experienced quartz manufacturer, we at Modern Stone provide durable and versatile quartz stone slabs that can be used in diverse places. We are constantly dedicated to providing different styles of quartz stone slabs in disparate places, which contain the following ones:


Usually, people pay more attention to the decoration material in the kitchen. The material should be heat resistance and dirt resistance. Not only that, it should have elegant colors which bring people a sense of satisfaction. In this case, our quartz stone slabs, which are designed in light and chic colors, water resistance, and anti-bacteria, are the best choices.

The Floor of the Living Room:

The design of the floor in the living room is essential because it will reflect the owner’s social status. We at Modern Stone will help you achieve this by providing all styles of quartz stone slabs! We aim to create a lively, freedom atmosphere in your living room by offering artistic thought.




The storefront symbolizes the image of the exclusive store. And we will provide novel, unique, and elegant quartz stone slabs to help you attract various kinds of past customers.

Restaurant and Bar:

Charming decorations of restaurants and bars play key roles in attracting potential clients. To help you decorate your restaurants and bars, We guarantee you will get amazing visual effects with our quartz stone slabs that are in different textures and designs.


  1. Various Colors and Types

We ensure you will obtain various colors and types of quartz stone slabs with the best services! For instance, suppose you want to decorate your kitchen in elegant styles, we recommend you choose MA3406 Imperial Kingsmen, which has a unique artistic flavor of natural texture. Or, if you are going to decorate your bars or restaurants in modern style, you will find our  MA3409 Panda White, which has a smooth and shiny surface, is quite suitable! Not only that, but we offer black, grey, and other charming colors and types of quartz stone slabs for you. Whether you want to decorate your places in luxurious, simple, comfortable, or other styles, we will provide you with a one-step solution!


  1. Alluring Look

The carefully mounted patterns drawn on our quartz slabs make them unique and appealing to the customers. To mention that, the mixture of various textures on these slabs gives a soothing vibe to people. Not only that, these slabs give various distinctive visual effects, which add more beauty to their display in different places. You will be surprised to find our products look charming in designs, but the quality remains the same!


  1. Easy to Maintain

We are always dedicated to providing less maintenance quartz stone slabs to our customers. Due to their smoothness and dirty resistance, our quartz stone slabs are easy to clean and maintain. You don’t need to worry about the toxicity and dirty of quartz stone slabs because our products are designed in dirt-resistant, anti-stain, and difficult to burn without toxicity. All of these merits make our slabs highly desirable and worthy of use.


  1. Value of Money

With the chic designs and affordable prices, our quartz slabs are worth investing in. Due to their durability, versatility, and longevity, they reduce the long-term maintenance cost to a huge extent, making them highly affordable for users. Our slabs are worth spending on them as they completely change the outlook of your places with the style you want.

Our products have numerous characteristics that make them stand in the leading position in this market. Not only that, we at Modern Stone are unique in the company’s perspective. Thus, the following points will show you some distinctive merits of us. 


  1. Quality Assurance 

We are constantly dedicated to providing high-quality products to our customers. And we always think highly of innovation and technology, which make us better than others. We provide you a 15-year warranty, so you don’t need to worry about damage to the products. Our huge customer base around 40 countries has proven the capable products we offer to customers.


  1. Fastest Delivery

The production line in our company is so efficient that we guarantee the fastest delivery to our customers globally. Being the wholesale seller, we know our customers want to get the products as soon as possible, so we are always committed to offering you the quickest delivery of our products. 


  1. Best Services

We not only offer you timely before-sale services but also guarantee you the best after-sale services. Our professional technical and sales teams are always online to solve your questions and provide satisfying services to you. Our quartz stone slabs are the best in the market, and the scale of the business has proved the fact. 


  1. Advanced Technology


One of the distinctions of our products compared with others is that they are being manufactured after doing rigorous research. Being the leading manufacturer of quartz stone slabs, we use state-of-art technology to make slabs, which helps us stand out from the crowd. Through R&D practices, we can produce environment-friendly slabs, which is only possible by incorporating the latest techniques in the production line. Our R&D team is always committed to innovating, which enables us to create stain-resistant, highly durable, water and heat-proof slab pieces that can be used for a variety of purposes.


  1. Capable of Mass Production

Based on customers’ demands, we are capable of mass production without compromising on quality at all. We produce more than 1 million square meters of slabs annually. The number speaks volumes about the fact that we can manufacture large quantities and deliver to customers worldwide. In addition, we have four production lines and cover almost 66,600 square meters of manufacturing area, making the production seamless, smooth, and fast.


All in all, we at Modern stone are the best choice for you. Our highly impressive products are enough to fulfill most of the slabbing needs of households and businesses. Whether you want to get the quartz stone slabs for your kitchens or bathrooms, or living rooms, this is the one-stop-shop to solve most of your worries. So, come and contact us to get our help now!